Hello, is this thing on?

current music: beethoven’s pastoral symphony
current mood: post-running high and happy

I decided to make a writing blog, where I can deposit all my little thoughts on craft, the industry, the creative process, and my own works in progress. I get these thought-worms daily, squirming through my grey matter, but none are ever really substantial enough to warrant more than a scribble in the corner of my notebook. Isn’t this why blogging was invented?

Side note: when I decided WordPress was the best option for the kind of word-vomit blog posting I’ll do, I tried to make an account. Turned out I already had one, from a false start years ago.

The url attached to my e-mail? I may not know it all.

This made me laugh out loud. Too, too true.

Welcome to the thought-worm depository. Let me pour you a coffee.

About littlehurricane

You may call me a poet when they write it on my headstone.
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